Leibhéal 2 – Preparing for the examinations/assessments

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The first step is to register with the Teaching Council. The Teaching Council will assess your teaching qualifications. In normal circumstances, the Teaching Council will identify a Gaeilge (Irish) shortfall and will apply a Gaeilge (Irish) condition to your registration.  The Teaching Council will normally allow a period of three years from date of registration for you to satisfy the Gaeilge condition attached to your registration (to contact the Teaching Council please go to: www.teachingcouncil.ie).



If you are coming to the SCG or the OCG having studied Irish-Gaeilge before and are ready to begin  to prepare for the SCG Examinations or OCG Assessments.

In these circumstances, you may be ready to begin at level 2: Preparing for the SCG Examinations or OCG Assessments.

At Level 2, you will need to register for the Irish Language Requirement with the Irish Language Requirement Office. Application forms for the SCG route and the OCG route are available at www.ilrweb.ie.

On registration, you will receive an electronic copy of Cóir Ghaoithe: Cúrsa Ullmhúcháin don Scrúdú le hAghaidh Cáilíochta sa Ghaeilge (SCG support materials) or Sruth na Maoile: Ábhar Tacaíochta d’Oiriúnú le hAghaidh Cáilíochta sa Ghaeilge (OCG support materials).

A Hard Copy of these texts can be purchased at: (SCG OCG Materials )





The list of current courses and  tutors is available at www.ilrweb.ie  You can make direct contact with any of thecourse providers/ tutors on the list with a view to undertaking a preparation course.  The ideal time to begin is usually in September / October but starting at other times may be possible so check directly with the course provider/ tutor.  The courses are all available online and further details will be available by making direct contact with the tutor. Please note that there will be a fee payable directly to the tutor for the course.





There are two routes to obtain the Irish Language Requirement.

  1. SCG: Please read the SCG guide (this route will suit all primary teachers but particularly those who may not be in a mainstream classroom teacher position or who may not be in a school). SCG GUIDE DETAILS: https://ilrweb.ie/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/SCG-GUIDE-compressed-converted.pdf


  1. Please read the OCG guide (there is an adaptation period requirement of 120 days spent as a mainstream class teacher, so this route will suit if you are working in a mainstream class teacher capacity). SEE OCG GUIDE DETAILS: https://ilrweb.ie/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/OCG-GUIDE-compressed-converted.pdf




One of the requirements of the Irish Language Requirement for all applicants is that you complete three weeks of residential courses in the Gaeltacht.

This can be undertaken in blocks of 1 week, 2 week or 3 week courses to make up the total required three weeks.  It can work well if you undertake the Gaeltacht weeks over the three year period and use the Gaeltacht week(s) to help improve your Irish. The Gaeltacht course provider(s) will focus particularly on learning the language and particularly Oral Language.  Gaeltacht course weeks are normally provided during: Autumn mid-term, February mid-term, Spring/Easter holidays and Summer holidays.

The current  list of recognised Gaeltacht Course Providers is available at: https://ilrweb.ie/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/C%C3%BArsa%C3%AD-Gaeltachta-SCG-OCG-13-01-20-compressed-converted.pdf

Please note that fees for the Gaeltacht course(s) are payable directly to the Gaeltacht Course provider.






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